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6030 E27 40W AB

Industrial and household hanging lamp. Specifications: Metal housing. The diffuser is made of frosted glass. Dimensions: 1760*300mm. Patron - 1*E27. Use energy-saving CFL (25W max) or LED (15W max) lamps. protection class IP-20. Installation: On ceiling. Purpose: to open public places, residential areas, as well as shopping centers, sports complexes.

7926-3P 3XE27*60W

Pendant wooden luminaire. Technical details: Material made of reinforcing steel-wood, metal. Diffuser made of opal glass. Wire length is adjustable (мах 1065mm). Dimensions: 1065х440mm. Socket: 3xE27. Used with energy-saving CFL (мах 11W), LED (мах 6W) and incandescent lamps (мах 40W). Protection category IP20. Installation: On ceiling. Mounted on the mounting plate. Purpose: Residential premises, offices, shops, etc.

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Buy Recessed  LED Spotlight MR16 lamp for suspended ceilings. Features: Housing painted with powder paint or chrome-plated, with turning. The movable part enables direct light in the desired direction by 45 °. Dimensions: 90*50mm. The diameter of the mounting hole, 70mm. Patron: GU5.3. Used with halogen , energy-saving, LED lamps with a diameter of 51mm. Lamps can be the type of MR11 (220) and MR16 (12V) - transformer. protection class IP-20. Installation: Recessed into  the ceiling by holders. Purpose: Residential premises, offices, shops, corridors, furniture, windows, etc...

ELECTRIC GEAR 8062-2 2xE27

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IRIS 0603-2 2XE27

Ceiling chandelier . Installation: on ceiling . Fastened on the mounting plate. Purpose: Residential premises and etc.

MR16 YS5055 Gold

Recessed spot luminaire MR16 for suspended ceilings. Used with halogen, energy-saving or LED lamps type JCDR (220W) or MR16 (12W) - via a transformer. Installation: Is built into the ceiling by means of holders. Purpose: Residential premises, offices, shops, corridors, furniture, showcases, etc.