How And Why To Decorate Your home in Ghana With TEKLED LED Strip Lights.

When LED lights first appeared on the market they lacked the versatility needed for most home interiors. However, things are different now and LED light strips are now very popular in Ghana along with other types. There are many different ways in which you can use them in your home in Ghana, whether it’s for aesthetic or functional purposes. Every room could use LED lights in one form or another.


In the living room, Tekled LED lights are mostly decorative. A lot of furniture designs in Ghana these days use them as accent features, although the lights can also be added separately.

Wood and High-Efficiency LED Lighting a perfect mix

It’s easy to highlight a shelf or a small wall unit with Tekled LED strip lights. Just attach them to the back of the shelf or under it to add a little bit of drama to the decor. It’s also a nice way to highlight a design with an interesting shape.

Around TV High-Efficiency LED Lighting

When LED lights first appeared on the market, they weren’t very popular and that was partially due to the fact that they had a bluish white hue. Now however, they also give out the warm yellow light we enjoy.

Living room shelves above sideboard with High-Efficiency LED Lighting

There are various different types of LED lights. LED tape light, for example, is highly versatile. It’s flexible and it can be cut to size. It’s also very easy to install pretty much anywhere.

Floating living room furniture with LED strip light

An interesting idea is to have LED tape or strips attached to the underside of a cabinet or bench. Console tables and wall units can offer this opportunity in most living rooms.

Modern living room furniture for wall with High-Efficiency LED Lighting

LED accent lighting is useful when you want to set a more intimate and comfortable ambiance in the living room. Turn off the ceiling lights and enjoy the soft glow of the LED strips.

Kitchen lighting options

Open space kitchen storage system with LED strip lights

The most common use for LED lights in the kitchen is in the form of under-cabinet lighting. This option is appreciated for its versatility. Usually, LED tape is used because it can be cut to size to perfectly fit the cabinet.

Kitchen cupboards with High-Efficiency LED Lighting

LED under-cabinet lighting is a great way to also highlight a backsplash. It works nicely is you also want to delineate the space between the cabinets and a matching backsplash.

Kitchen hood with High-Efficiency LED Lighting

LED tape or strips are usually installed above the kitchen sink or prep counter. They offer the task lighting needed here. LED strips are a better option in this case because they can withstand moisture better than tape.

Kitchen Island with floor High-Efficiency LED Lighting

LED strips have multiple LED chips embedded into a metal enclosure covered by an acrylic shield. They are a good option for spaces such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Earth tones kitchen island from mabrle with floor High-Efficiency LED Lighting

When installed under a kitchen island, they add a dramatic touch to the decor and make the unit appear to be floating. It’s a particularly nice look if the floor has a beautiful color or an interesting texture.

Kitchen backsplash High-Efficiency LED Lighting

LED strips can actually be embedded into the design of a kitchen island or cabinet. A nice idea is to have LED tape installed inside a cabinet so it outlines its shape or gets filtered by the cabinet doors.

White kitchen design with LED strip light

Decorative LED lighting offers numerous design possibilities. There are even color-changing LEDs which you can use if you want to be able to change the ambiance and the look of a room.

White kitchen design with built in appliances and led under cabinet lighting

Even though LED lights have a bigger upfront cost, the investment is well worth it considering how energy-efficient it is. Lower power bills and longer-lasting bulbs make it all worth it.

Modern kitchen island with LED strip Lights

In addition, LED lights are just an awesome way of making your kitchen look futuristic or of simply making it more functional and user-friendly. It’s the perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics.

LEDs in the bathroom

Bathroom vanity with High-Efficiency LED Lighting

There are many great uses for LED lights in the bathroom. For example, LED strips or tape can be used to outline a bathroom mirror. You may not even need sconces or ceilings lights.

LED strip tape lights for bathroom vanity

Modern and contemporary bathroom vanity designs sometimes include LED light accents. Whether it’s for practical reasons or a purely aesthetic feature, the look has just the right amount of drama to stand out in an elegant way.

Horizontal bathroom shower with High-Efficiency LED Lighting

It’s possible to use LED strips to create a certain ambiance in the shower or tub. Color-changing LEDs are a good option, allowing you to change the color according to your mood.

Freestanding bathroom bathtub with High-Efficiency LED Lighting

In the case of a freestanding bathtub, an interesting idea is to put LED lights under it and make it appear to be floating. Some tubs come with built-in LED lights meant to outline their beautiful shapes.

Bathroom mirror with High-Efficiency LED Lighting

LED strips or tape are perfect for adding accent lighting to a bathroom. There are multiple ways to do is. One option is to highlight the area around the mirror. Another idea is to attach the lights to the underside of the vanity.

LED lights for the bedroom and closet

Modern bedroom with cool mood High-Efficiency LED Lighting

Accent lighting is quite popular in bedrooms. Most often, bedside lamps are used. But LED strips can be just as practical plus they also have a stronger visual impact without being very striking.

Bedroom headboard with LED strip lights behind

Use LED lights to create a focal point. Pick a feature such as the headboard, a wall shelf or a makeup vanity and highlight its forms, shape or color using this simple method.

Closet High-Efficiency LED Lighting

LED lights are very useful in closets because they allow you to illuminate the shelves and storage spaces. Since closets don’t usually have windows, this is a perfect alternative.

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